Direct Mail Services

Providing direct mail services from its New York facility, Diverse Printing offers direct mail printing, design and processing as another part of our total service commitment. Our turn key direct mail services can handle printing and mailing a simple letter to creating a full color brochure, means you’re always in complete control. And that ’s the way it should be.

We can take your direct mail mailing lists on disk, zip-sort and process your envelopes for maximum postal discounts, merge your envelopes with the printed items and deliver them to the post office in record time. And we can personalize your direct mail pieces using our in-line inkjets a process that can mean the difference between a piece being read or being tossed out as junk mail. We can even personalize each individual direct mail letter or brochure.

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Diverse will print your catalogues and send them out in envelopes or polybags in one seamless process. Using polybags allows you to mix and match different items and put them all into one sealed parcel so that they’ll be seen. And when they’re seen, they will be opened. We even custom produce “fill out” or “fill in ” letters. We also inkjet address envelopes or apply client supplied mailing labels or prepare and produce them for you.


Just like our non-mail inventory programs, our direct mail fulfillment gives you control of your inventory with US mailing receipts and records when your direct mail is sent out. That usually includes a discounted mailing rate. At Diverse, we’re more than happy to analyze your current direct mail program to see if we can figure out a way to save you money, and improve the product at the same time. Your bottom line is always our concern.


Using the latest inkjet technology we will personalize your direct mailing materials each and every piece! That Includes:

    > Customizing the exterior of envelopes so they include a personalized message to each individual client.

    > Personalizing and applying Post-It notes (a “P.S” message that really works!)

    > Applying integrated cards personalized peel off cards that include your client’s account or a “preferred discount” note to make them really sit up and take notice.

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